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Types of Psychic Readings

What Kind of Psychic Reading is Right for Me?

If you’re new to the world of psychics, you may be confused about what kind of psychic reading you should get. After all, there are many options out there which can overwhelm any newcomer. To make life a little easier, I’ve created this list explaining your different psychic reading options. First, you’ll find the more common and popular types of readings, and then you’ll find other options that you can explore.

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The Most Common Types of Psychic Readings

Out of every style of psychic reading, there are a few that tend to pop up more often than others. For a beginner, it may be best to stick with one of these and pick something a little more off the beaten path once you know what you like. In my opinion, the most common psychic readings you’ll find include:

Astrological Readings

Astrology is well known but not always well understood. Many newspapers contain horoscopes, but a psychic who specializes in astrological readings can provide you with valuable, personalized insight. Your psychic reading will take into account your day and time of birth to make future predictions customized to you. Get a horoscope reading here.

Aura Readings

An aura, also called an “auric field,” is an energy that surrounds a person and protects the body from spiritual harm. A psychic that specializes in aura readings will read your aura and gather information about your emotional state, your relationships, your career, and more.

E-mail / Online Chat Readings

These are exactly what they sound like – you visit a psychic website and talk to a psychic by typing on your computer. These are also called distant readings You will find psychics with many different styles and skills practicing via email or chat, so do not think that your options are limited!

Palm Readings

Also known as palmistry, a palm reader will examine your hand to understand your personality and make predictions about your future. A skilled palm reader will gather this information from the lines and contours of your palm. Believe it or not, you can get palm readings over the Internet! Simply find a psychic who specializes in these readings, email a photo of your palm, and wait for the results.


Psychometry is similar to aura reading, except in this case the psychic will pick up information from the energy given off by objects that are important to your life. Since these objects were important to you or people close to you, they will have picked up some of your energy. A psychic who specializes in psychometric readings will touch rings, wallets, and other personal items and learn about the people or events that are tied to that object.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readings are very popular, even among those who know very little about psychics. A tarot reader will use a deck of tarot cards to gather information for you. There are many different styles among tarot card readers, and there are even readers who do not claim to be psychics.

Other Kinds of Psychic Readings

Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s right for you! Here are a few lesser known but still perfectly useful styles of psychic readings.

Angel Card Readings

Using a deck of angel cards, an angel card reader will attempt to connect to the angels who watch over you for guidance. You can find more details about angel card readings here.


Any kind of psychic reading that involves a deck of cards is technically cartomancy, including tarot cards. Some psychics will even use a standard deck of playing cards for your reading.

Lithomancy Readings

Lithomancy refers to the ancient practice of reading stones, either stones that have been put into water or stones that are arranged in a pattern. Crystal-gazing, or the use of a crystal ball in popular culture, is a modern form of lithomancy.


Mediums are psychics who can communicate with the deceased. If you want to contact loved ones who have passed on, or get into contact with a dead pet, you should get your psychic reading from a medium.

Numerology Readings

In numerology, a psychic uses your name and birthday to create a chart similar to what you would get from an astrological reading. Psychics who perform numerology readings can give you insight into your past and make predictions about your future. Get a numerology reading here.

Pet Psychic Readings

In a pet psychic reading, the psychic will communicate with your animals to help you gain better insight into their thinking and improve your relationships. Some pet psychics can communicate with deceased pets.

Rune Readings

Rune readings involve the use of runes, which are an ancient alphabet. Most psychics use the Elder-Furthark Norse Alphabet. The runes are written on or carved into the stone, and during your reading the psychic will cast the runes and interpret the layout.

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