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Kasamba Psychics Review – Formerly LivePerson

Overview – All About Kasamba Psychics

Sometimes you want a psychic reading without the hassle of leaving your home. Maybe you want a wide array of choices so that you can select the exact type of psychic that you are looking for. In both of these cases, is one of the top destinations for finding an online psychic, and it’s gained a reputation as one of the premier “psychic chat networks.”

Kasamba’s main selling points are the diversity of its psychics, its VIP program, and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Through chat communication, you choose who you would like to do your readings or become your personal advisor. It’s a very nice system, and we’ve enjoyed using it.

At, you won’t feel like you are speaking to someone who just happened to be the next in line for a call; Kasamba is not that kind of site. You’ll speak to the psychic that you specifically chose. Read on for tips on how to make the most of your experience.

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You may not have heard this name before. That’s because until recently, Kasamba was branded as LivePerson. It’s the same great service, just under a different name!

What Kasamba offers

As I’m writing this review, there are almost 1700 different psychics offering readings, and over 1300 offering tarot card readings. Compare this to many of the other major online networks with a few hundred psychics.

You may wonder if it’s difficult to select a psychic with so many available. Fortunately, makes it easy to sort by specialty, quality, price, and more. Some of the top psychics on the network have over 10,000 reviews, so if you do your research you’ll truly know what you’re getting. Whether you’re after a great horoscope reading or want to speak to a love psychic, they’ve got you covered!

Kasamba is best known for readings through chat / IM windows. Some people are more comfortable chatting through text rather than in person. The reader cannot read the expression on your face, so they must be able to read your voice and your personality, which can feel more authentic.

Psychic Reading Options

As of this writing, there are over 20 categories of psychic readings available on Kasamba. Each category offers a minimum of 20-30 psychic readers, with some numbering over 1000. These categories include:

  • Astrology
  • Dream analysis
  • Fortune telling
  • Numerology
  • Palm reading
  • Picture readings
  • Tarot cards

With this many options available, you will almost certainly find what you’re looking for at Kasamba, and the process is easy because the website is so well organized. First, select the service you are looking for, then sort the psychics by the criteria of your preference. Read a few reviews, decide who you want to speak to, and go!

How is Different – More Choices, You’re in Control

With Kasamba psychics, the customer is truly in control. Specialty, quality (ratings & reviews), and price are all clearly displayed, and then it’s your chance to find the perfect match. New clients also receive three free minutes to test out a psychic before committing.

Once you’ve created an account at, you can also save all of your readings. This can be an extremely useful feature when you forget exactly what your psychic said, or if you just want to return for clarification. It can also be very interesting to look back on readings from the past to see how your life has changed.

I should also note that famous psychics like David James and Mystic Sandra have been known to use Kasamba to conduct psychic readings.

Deals, Discounts, and Bargains

As previously mentioned, Kasamba offers the first three minutes free to all first time customers who are readers of this website! Occasionally, you will come across discounts such as 25% off for first time users.

Kasamba also offers a satisfaction guarantee for first time customers. If you’re not happy with your reading, the company will credit your account up to $50 which you can use for another reading.

It’s also important to note that Kasamba is not responsible for disputed cash transactions after your initial reading. If you are not satisfied with your service, this needs to be worked out with your reader, not Kasamba. It is recommended to choose a few short readings before choosing a more time consuming one.

Top Features

  • Thousands of psychics to choose from
  • Over a dozen different types of readings
  • Simple, easy-to-use website
  • Satisfaction guarantee for first time customers

Is it worth it?

As with any online psychic network, there are good reviews and bad. Kasamba has gotten some bad comments and reviews, but there are more who love the service and are avid users. Kasamba offers a tremendous amount of choice, and it’s website is incredibly well-designed and user friendly. Even for a first time user, the site is easy to navigate and fun to use.

Kasamba offers some very unique features that make it the perfect fit for some people. If you’re willing to put in the time to pick the right psychic, I believe that you will have a good experience on

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