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Our Review of the Network

Hollywood Psychics


This network is a newer entrant into the market, but it’s been gaining steam over the past few years. With a strong satisfaction guarantee and great deals for new customers – including prices of just 50 cents a minute – Hollywood Psychics is worth a look.

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Your Options

Though Hollywood Psychics is new to the game, you can find a wide variety of psychic reading options. In fact, your choices include such mainstays as tarot card readings, horoscopes, and dream interpretation, along with lesser known styles such as numerology and spirit guides. Another nice feature – the company has psychics available in both English and Spanish!

If you’re not sure where to begin, you’ll be happy to know that they provide reviews and star ratings for all of its psychics. Additionally, you’ll find help on how to prepare for your reading, what to expect, and questions that will help you make the most of the experience. Of course, you’ll find a lot of that right here on My Psychic Readings too! In all seriousness, the folks over at are committed to making sure that you have a quality experience, whether you’re a first time visitor or a repeat customer.

Fair Prices, An Array of Options

Hollywood Psychics are the new kids on the block. While this does mean the company hasn’t built up the sort of reputation that only comes with time, this network makes up for it with fair prices and many choices between psychics. As of this writing, there are more than 150 psychics within Hollywood’s network. Compare this to the choices in the city or town where you live! There’s simply no comparison.

Deals, Discounts, and Bargains

Now the good stuff – what kind of deals, discounts, and other bargains can you expect? Well, as I mentioned earlier, first time customers will enjoy a special $1 per minute offering to try things out and find a psychic with whom you’ll have a good vibe. The increments are $15 for 30 minutes, $10 for 20 minutes, and $5 for 10 minutes. These prices compare very favorably against the other networks and with most live psychics that I’ve encountered.

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Is it worth it?

Let’s face it – there are good and bad reviews of Hollywood Psychics out there, and you may have trouble separating the truth from fiction. The first knock against this network is that its new and thus hasn’t built up the same reputation that places like Psychic Source,, and others enjoy. And it’s true, you won’t find celebrity psychics on Hollywood’s network, at least not as of this writing.

However, I get the feeling that many of the readers of this website are testing out an online psychic for the first time, and others may be working with an intuitive for the very first time, meaning no prior experience with a face-to-face reader. If this describes you, the company’s lower prices and satisfaction guarantee may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Give it a shot for a low price of $1 per minute!

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