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Say this about California Psychics – they’ve done a great job of building a well-known, trusted brand. You can find their ads on the Internet, on television, over the radio, and sometimes even in magazines! Of course, what you really want to know is whether you’ll get a great reading with them, so read on and we’ll tell you!

Founded in 1995, and sometimes abbreviated CA, Cal, Cali, or Calif Psychics, has been around for nearly 20 years and was one of the first companies to offer psychic readings online. During that timespan, they’ve refined their service to offer the best possible experience to customers, especially first timers who are perhaps a bit weary about getting started. The most popular way of reaching this popular network is through a phone call, which often leads to a better connection.

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Not every network is very selective. California Psychics, on the hand, accept only the best. Out of every 100 applications that the company receives, only two are selected to join and speak to customers. This is a great deal for first time customers, as the company has already done the hardest part – screening – for you.

The mediums are graded on a number of factors, including ability, communication with customers, and ethical behavior. The adviser that you speak to will be both genuine and able to speak to you in a friendly, pleasant way. This is great news for those of us who’ve had bad experiences in the past! Selective screening is the best bet for ensuring good experiences!

Getting Started

When you first land on, you will be able to sort the advisers by keywords like “dream analyst” and “clairvoyant”. Next, you’ll be able to see what kind of advice a particular medium specializes in, including career, love, or connecting with past lives.

You will also find detailed reviews, both positive and negative from past customers. Though they do a great job of screening the advisers, it’s a great idea to dig a little deeper and find out how those just like you felt about their experiences.

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Final Thoughts

This is one of the best known & most trusted online medium networks. If you decide to work with one of their advisers, you know that you’re speaking with someone who made the cut that 49 others did not. Frankly, we like those odds!

Additionally, we like that they offer nice extras like free daily horoscopes to customers. Sometimes it’s the little touches that make a company truly memorable!

Click here to ask a FREE psychic question & get your first reading for just $1 per minute!

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