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AskNow Psychic Reviews – Learn About

AskNow is one of the internet’s top providers of comprehensive psychic services, including horoscopes, online chat, telephone access, and a great number of other services provided by its large network of psychics. For anybody who is interested in finding access to the information that is hidden from the perceptions of most of us, Ask Now psychics is a great place to start your search.

The company employs hundreds of highly qualified psychics. Unlike other psychic networks that will hire just about anyone, AskNow accepts only about 10% of all applicants. Best of all, AskNow offers a satisfaction guarantee – if you are unhappy with your reading, just contact customer support and you will be credited with up to ten minutes of time to use with another psychic.

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What AskNow Offers

AskNow offers a wide variety of services that are built to help you explore and satisfy your psychic reading needs. You can find advice, much of it free, regarding the state of your love life, your romantic relationships, and so much more. However, don’t think that the website is just about the lovelorn! AskNow’s website and its psychic network can help you achieve clarity on topics like finances, your career, and many other esoteric areas of interest.

Psychic Reading Options

At, you have the option to pick your own psychic advisor personally. All you have to do is set up an appointment for a reading. The company’s website is easy to navigate, and you can search its directory of psychics who are available for a consultation. You can find a description of what each psychic offers, the per minute fee, and browse reviews from other clients.

AskNow offers many different styles of psychic reading. There are psychics who perform more well known and popular services such as numerology and tarot card readings, but there are also more esoteric services available. These include divination through such mediums as astrological readings, and the interpretation of dreams. These services are provided by people who are diviners, mediums, and also those who are clairvoyant. There are also those who are gifted to be spiritual guides.

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How AskNow is Different

AskNow offers a few unique services. One of’s most popular features is its “call back” option. Visitors can select psychics who are not currently available and book a reading for when the psychic is online again. The psychic will then reach out to when he or she is available. also offers readings in Spanish, which is not always an easy service to find!

The AskNow website also presents all sorts of interesting information. Aside from the chat and talk options that are available, there are also a number of other services available for your perusal, many of which are free. There are interesting articles that cover a variety of subjects such as money matters, animal totems, and the existence of “supernatural” creatures such as Big Foot. You can also find daily horoscopes as well as a special feature called videoscopes. Videoscopes are videos that contain guiding content in the areas of love, money, or spiritual matters. No matter what you’re looking for, chances are they have you covered.

Deals, Discounts, and Bargains

As a new customer of, you are eligible for quite a few free perks. You have the option to try some of their services for free, and there are no hidden fees so your trials really are 100% free. Some of the promotional perks that are available are easy to locate via the front page of the website, like a form that will allow you to ask any question you want for free. Talk time can in some instances be purchased in bundles. 20 minutes of talk time for $20.00 is an example of such a pricing bundle, but mostly you can find services for a per minute fee set by your provider. All major credit cards are accepted as a form of payment.

Top Features

  • Psychic readings available in Spanish and English
  • 10% acceptance rate for its psychics
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • “Call back” feature

Is it Worth It?

I’ve enjoyed my experiences with Signing up is fast and easy, and once your account has been established you will find it easy to search for and locate a psychic who suits your needs. The website also offers a comprehensive FAQ to answer almost all of your questions. I strongly recommend at least giving a few of the free features a shot – ask one question absolutely free, for example – and if you like the results give it a try.

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